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Happy new year! January 1, 2010

Posted by audaspace in General.

I wish all blender users a happy new year 2010!

I’ve just committed a huge changeset which also includes a first implementation of the 2.5 sound to f-curve operator, more to come on that tomorrow, as I really need to go to bed now.

Good night!


1. telsa - January 1, 2010

congratulations for your hard work and the blog is very welcomed too!
Hope this could be the right time to revolve Blender audio side and you could been the men behind it 🙂

2. Erwin Coumans - January 1, 2010

Your work might be useful for the standalone gamekit project (a .blend player using only BSD/MIT/Zlib style licensed source code):

Audaspace uses a copyleft license, so we can’t use it for gamekit. Do you consider dual licensing it, adding the Zlib license for example?

Happy new year,

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