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Sequencer Audio Update February 8, 2010

Posted by audaspace in Sequencer.

Hi there!

I’ve just committed the next bigger audio update to blender 2.5. The sequencer audio should work very good now, except the audio-video sync that’s still missing, but will be tackled soon.

Moreover I’ve also done some other changes and I’m now able to remove the following points from the TODO list:

  • Make it possible to mix down the audio to an audio file.
  • Display the audio wave of cached sounds in the strip.
  • Make the volume of audio strips be animatable.

I also messed a lot with ffmpeg during my works and am happy that I got ogg and vorbis working, as well as now supporting wav and mp3 mixdown and matroska. What I unfortunately didn’t get working yet is flac, no idea what problem ffmpeg has there.

The changes are available in builds of revision 26693 upwards. 🙂



1. Agustin - February 8, 2010

Nexyon i am compiling right now to see and hear it!!!! thank you very much, i use blender sequence a lot. You simply rock man!

2. glow - March 14, 2011


great news.
will you do a tutorial how to mix down the audio to file? or maybe can you point me where i have to look in the source to see how it will work?
do you plan to include 3d sound in blender?
thanks for your great job!

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