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Realtime for Jack February 11, 2010

Posted by audaspace in Jack.

Yeah, the jack backend of blender is becoming useful with that done. Unfortunately the ring buffer used adds a little latency, so you actually can’t call it “realtime”, but at least you don’t get any xruns anymore, as the process callback of jack is now non-blocking and pretty fast. Moreover the latency added now won’t matter anymore when jack transport is implemented as I’ll be able to remove the latency when it is enabled.

Time to strike through the next point on the todo list:

  • Realtime support.

So we’re one step close to jack transport support. Ton promissed to instruct Brecht and/or Campbell to do an API for external timers to get AV sync working. They will talk to me when that’s going to be worked on. We will then create an API that is just perfect for jack transport and that will bring us just one little step further to jack transport support.



1. nrk - February 17, 2010

Sorry to see not too many people commenting here, but am extatic! Thanks for the hard work and great progress. Most people don’t realize this will make blender the best open source content editor out there. Thanks so MUCH!

2. psc - June 4, 2012

i am getting:
cannot read response from jack server (No such file or directory)
from Blender when trying to connect to jack?

in Messages i have:
23:58:10.050 /usr/bin/jackd -u -dalsa -dhw:0 -r44100 -p1024 -n3
JACK protocol mismatch (22 vs 24)
cannot complete client connection process

any idea?

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