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This Blog is about the development of the blender audio system starting from blender version 2.5.

The audio system in previous versions of blender was a real mess and a Google Summer of Code project to fix this also failed, so I’ve started to work on that and already got as far as reimplementing all old features and also added some new features like more usable audio formats than wav in the blender game engine.

My name is Jörg Müller aka neXyon, I’m from Austria and study in Graz. You can contact me via mail under nexyon at gmail com.


1. malcolm-luther - January 13, 2010

hi again,
with a little help from virtualdub, here is a quick test of the sound tools in 2.5. i still use 2.49b for the initial constuction. then open in 2.5 for the magic.I still cant get the audio to sync when i do final render but thats what vitual dub is for. I wish i could donate but unemployed american here, but thanks so much for your additions.

2. unfa - May 27, 2011

You’re doing great job! Many thanks!

3. Nemesis - July 30, 2011

Your 3D audio proposal is an impressive proposal for a Blender feature.

Brilliant idea.

Good luck and every sucess with your audio project.

Just some thoughts that most likely are impossible. I had a bit of a crazy idea when I read your 3D audio article.

One thing I would love to see in Blender in the future would be a midi editor so that a controller keyboard can be used as a synthesizer to create actual soundtracks directly into .blend files right up to 192khz or higher if necessary. for future formats. I would prefer to be able to use a 88 key keyboard so as to have the full octave range.

I do not like using seperate programs from Blender for audio composition. If a midi synthesizer was available as a direct plugin or even as part of Blender that I could add an extremely large library of midifiles-sample to, that would be brilliant as it would enable a project to be completely self contained in Blender.

Blender is already a very good compositor. Addition of an audio-synthesizer-mixer creation would give an overall package that could turn a standalone graphics machine into a full all in one CGI-Compositor-Audio Studio. Being able to plug in a USB controller keyboard such as an ES88 up to a Yamaha MOX8 or Tyros4 combined with the ability to take direct XLR to USB equipment, would remove the need for seperate programs and posssibly even an audio studio. What I am suggesting is a combined synthesiser and mixer in teh actual Blender program or a plugin for Blender.

Just a mad idea I had when I read the 3D audio article, if you know anyone who wants to explore it:)

If anyone does that, I will post them a bottle of good Scotish or Irish whishey:)

PS: Gmail does not recognise your email address.

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