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3D Audio GSoC Demo Video July 29, 2011

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Hi guys,

I’ve recorded a video about the progress so far. It’s not too much yet from a user point of view, but a lot of internals changed.
Last but not least sorry for my English.




AV-sync February 18, 2010

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Hi there!

Got yet another one:

  • Recode of the Sequencer Audio System for better Audio-Video synchronisation.

First I had a quite huge change in mind to the blender timing code: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:NeXyon/TimerAPI . That would perfectly support jack transport. But talking with Ton I realized that it’s not so good to do this way.

So the final implementation was pretty quick and easy, thanks to my hard design work before starting implementation. I’m quite happy that pays off now.

Disadvantage is, that jack transport is not as easy to implement now. But I think I might still be able to do it, so jack fans: Stay tuned.

Summing up, this is an important date for blender 2.5 audio, as all audio features that were supported in 2.49b are back now! Time to celebrate!


Crossfading audio February 8, 2010

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Got another one:

  • Crossfading python script.

Just select two overlapping sound strips in the sequencer and call the crossfade sounds operator. This will create keyframes in the volume animation that do the cross fading.

Sequencer Audio Update February 8, 2010

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Hi there!

I’ve just committed the next bigger audio update to blender 2.5. The sequencer audio should work very good now, except the audio-video sync that’s still missing, but will be tackled soon.

Moreover I’ve also done some other changes and I’m now able to remove the following points from the TODO list:

  • Make it possible to mix down the audio to an audio file.
  • Display the audio wave of cached sounds in the strip.
  • Make the volume of audio strips be animatable.

I also messed a lot with ffmpeg during my works and am happy that I got ogg and vorbis working, as well as now supporting wav and mp3 mixdown and matroska. What I unfortunately didn’t get working yet is flac, no idea what problem ffmpeg has there.

The changes are available in builds of revision 26693 upwards. 🙂