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This are the features and improvements to come to the blender audio system:

New Audio System for Blender

Animation and General


Blender Game Engine


Nodes (unlikely)

3D Audio

If you want a specific feature to be implemented faster, consider a donation and mention your feature wish.


1. lordloki - December 29, 2009

Hi NeXyon,

is it possible to add Effects (mainly simple reverb, echo and bandpass filter) to Blender Game Engine feature wishes?

Thanks for your great work and dedication,

2. audaspace - December 29, 2009

Sure, that’s easily possible with the planned nodal sound editing as the sounds created there will be available for use everywhere, the sequencer as well as the Game Engine.

The problem is that I want to wait for the new Game Engine nodes before I’ll do the sound nodes, but what I can do is adding a python API to directly use audaspace, as there are already many effects implemented that will be accessible via nodes later! I’ll talk to Campbell again about that. The problem is that some developers are against a direct API, because they want the generalized RNA System. Unfortunately that’s not very useful for audio.

3. vilda novak - January 2, 2010

Hi nexyon, I know this is a big feature request, but I believe if it would be succesfull it would be huge:
-automatic lipsync.
I’ve beel looking around for libraries capable of some kind of speech recognition, and found only sphinx4, whic seems to be quite advanced however.
For lipsync, there’s no need to recover the lenguage, but just to recover the basic phonemes(which are 5-6 I guess).
However, this is just an idea if you would finish your todo list 🙂
the audio to fcurve is allready awesome, and enables also some basic lipsync, similar what I did with a script in the 2.49 version for this movie:

Thanks for all the huge new great additions!

4. Joe - May 1, 2010

Hi neXyon, great work here and a nice looking todo list 🙂

5. giorgio - January 10, 2011

great ! keep it up !

where can we get the build ?

6. 3pointedit - June 22, 2011

The audio work is fantastic thank you. Are the Node filters still a part of the proposal? And are they available to the VSE? (as effect strips).

7. Edmund Havran - September 1, 2011

Your work on 3d-audio is really awesome! Thank you very much for that. This node based audio editing sounds very, very….very….;) exiting. I am not a coder, so I am not able to estimate the size of such a project.
But maybe you should do a proposal on the total costs and let the community donate until a certain amount is reached (like they did on OceanSim or OpenCl compositor).

Anyway, thank you.

Take care


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